Directv box makes noise when off

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How To Fix \u0026 Solve AT\u0026T DIRECTV GENIE Box No Servers Were Detected!!!

HD Talk? It sounds a little like when a PC is working. My unit does not have a fan. Anyway, it makes this noise all the time. All day long, even when it's off, even when I have all my equipement shut down. And it's hot, like it's on, all the time. It functions fine, but I'm worried this thing is using a lot of electricity. It's degrees all day long. Is this normal? The unit is 6 months old.

View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Mabuse. Michael T Hudson. Received 2 Likes on 2 Posts. I would check here.I just want to make sure that the box is not broken everything is working properly as of now and is not consuming too much energy in "standby" mode. Yes they do. I originally had two and didn't notice the noise. I ordered a third for my son and after the install all I heard was the drive that sounded like it was continuously searching.

I actually sent it back because there were some other issues that I thought were related Once that happened I listened a little bit closer to my other boxes and they all do it. I have three QIP boxes.

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directv box makes noise when off

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My direct TV box always makes a low humming noise, even when off.?

Posts: Message 1 of 2. Just curious to see if anyone's DVR box is making humming noises even when in "standby" mode? I sounds like a CD player searching for a track on a CD.

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You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there. Have same question. Nickel Contributor. Re: DVR box making a humming noise. Message 2 of 2. How-To Videos. The following videos were produced by users like you!

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The fan noise had gotten to the point that we couldn't take it anymore. Installed the refurbished HD and within about an hour the refurbished unit was making noise also. It wasn't as loud as the first one, but, still noticeable.

The tech also resets two of our DVR's to factory default settings. We like Sunday ticket, but when a company charges you for a protection plan on LEASED equipment and then they provide bad replacement equipment it's time to move on. Has anyone received new equipment when this happens?

There are only two moving components in a DVR Usually they're whisper quiet. The protection plan usually allows for a free annual upgrade of equipment. Why not just ask for the Genie upgrade with the newest HR54 box? The only sound these boxes make is typically the fan, which rarely runs, since the STB's run cool. Searching for a signal sometimes is a cause for overheating but, with new cables, that should not be an issue.

One cause for fan noise is restricted airflow. The components in the box include a temperature sensor which controls the fan speed.

HD DVR receivers making too much noise

So if there is too little air flowing, it will speed up the fan to compensate. Make sure there are nothing blocking the DVR's vents. Our box is in the open on a wooden table.

Our old box needed replacing as we were not getting sound on channels when people were talking. But it never made a fan noise in the same spot. This is the second box we have tried which makes the same noise. We just got a full equipment upgade yesterday. The main reciever is in our master bedroom. There is a very mild constant hum from the fan which I think we could live with. What is bothering us the most is a crackling sound. I was told that the whole system would take like 48 hours to upgrade so I am just wondering if this is just the noise of the upgrade like the hard drive and maybe this will stop after that?

TV Forum. HD DVR receivers making too Get to the head of the class with our Back to School deals! Like Comment Follow Share. Have you tried placing foam rubber pads under the DVR's feet to see if that quiets things any? Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.

If you have a SWIM adapter, you might try resetting that or having it replaced as well. I trust that your DVR is not in an enclosed cabinet? You have describe our problem to a tee!Enter another ZIP to see info from a different area.

Learn how to fix audio issues like lost sound or picture doesn't match the audio. We can't find that ZIP Code. Try again. Troubleshoot sound issues Learn how to fix audio issues like lost sound or picture doesn't match the audio. Remember to sign in for personalized support.

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Fix it now. One channel is experiencing sound issues. If only one channel is missing sound or there is sound distortion, it may resolve on its own in a few minutes. Show more. All channels are experiencing sound issues. Check the remote control Press volume up on the remote control. If the volume doesn't increase when you push, you need to program the remote control.

You can learn how to program your remote control. If so, follow these steps: Check that the device connected to the TV and the receiver are all turned on. If nothing happens, try programming your remote control.

directv box makes noise when off

Refer to the section above for how to program your remote control. If the problem persists, try connecting the receiver to the TV.

If the sound returns, the problem is with the device connected to the TV and receiver. Refer to the device manual for instructions on how to change audio inputs and settings.

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If you're not running cables from the receiver to the TV through another device, the issue could be the cable. Try tightening the cable connection or using a different cable. Problems with sound synchronization. Changing channels helps to match up the audio sound and video.

directv box makes noise when off

Rewind the program you're watching. If you have a DVR, go back a few seconds, then fast-forward back to live broadcast. Try using the TV speakers only to test if the surround sound system is causing the issue. Refer to the manual for your surround sound system for extra troubleshooting help. Still experiencing issues? Contact customer support. Did you get the help you needed?

Yes No.

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We're so glad we could help. What worked? Anything we can improve?Three days ago my DVR that I have in my bedroom started making a loud humming sound. I called and made a complaint to their customer service and was told that I could upgrade to a different package that would cost more money plus add 24 mo.

This seems rather ridiculous to me. Store Location: Vermontville, Michigan. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer Mine just started doing that. All I did was pull the plug from the back of the box not the outlet. Comment the review as Directv verified representative. Write a private message as Directv verified representative. Private messages do not impact your company rating. If you want your response to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review.

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I agree to TOS Cancel. Funny M Funny M Jan 29, Waited a few seconds put it back and no more sound. Been a few days now. Try this first it's fast and FREE. Reply 1 0. It's inappropriate or not family friendly. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text.

It contains commercial or promotional content. It includes private information. Sexual exploitation of children. I am affiliated with this business and need to report something about this review or business. Full Name Job Title Email. Issue Description. I am the author of comment and would like to remove it.A number of months have passed since the problem of not turning off cable box when turning off TV first appeared in this user forum.

Many users with various Samsung smart TVs and various cable services have reported the TV remote turns on the cable box and TV consistently, but the remote turns off only the TV and not the cable box. Suggestions to update firmware, point the remote squarely at the cable box, etc. Can anyone confirm this issue has actually been brought to the attention of Samsung software engineers?

Is there any hope of a solution? Go to Solution. This has been forwarded to the appropriate teams, though we cannot speculate on when or if a response will be given. View solution in original post.

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This is not a problem as same was case with my older nonsmart TV. It does demonstrate TV can send a cable box instruction to turn on. If the cable box is already on, the TV remote turns on TV with last selected cable broadcast on.

Do not have to press OK on TV remote. Now the issue raised in above entry is Cable box remains on unless manually turned off or after 8 hours cable box automatically reverts to Standby mode. As noted above, TV remote can send a cable box instruction to turn on by pressing OK, so it must have capacity to communicate a cable power related instruction.

I do not know if the same instruction would work for power off or if there is a different power off instruction in other words is the instruction specific to "on" or "off" or instead "power toggle". My samsung remote has a button with color dots. If I push it twice, a menu pops up for cable box which you can turn it on The powering off problem has still not been solved. As others have said, powering on works, even if you have to wait for the "power button prompt" to appear, but powering off does not work on cable boxes.

However, if you have a Cisco cable box like the Explorer series with Spectrum, then you can just leave the set top box on all the time, as it uses little power when a signal is not going to the TV. Not only that, you might prefer a "startup channel" each day rather than the channel you had on yesterday. Next, find the menu selection called "Devices" under "Quick Settings" and select.

A new 'hidden' menu will appear. Find the selections for power on timer and power off timer. When you change one to enable, you can then arrow to the right to set the day and time. Set the power off timer to turn off daily at a time when no one watches TV like a. This way, you will not have to wait for the "power on" window, and you will also have your start-up channel when you turn your TV on at the beginning of each day. Note: if you turn the TV off during the day then turn it back on that same day, your last channel will still be there since your Cisco box only powers down and back up only once per day.

But i don't see the solution. What was the solution??? I have a similar problem. I used my Sasmsung remote to turn on and off my tv and my cable box at the same time. It was working about 8 mounth. Than i didn't do anything i didn't updated any firmwares. But now it's not working.I've only had Fios for less than a month, but if this is any indication, I'm not going to be happy.

We came home yesterday from a day out and I noticed there was a buzzing noise in the house. First, I thought it was something outside, but after about 30 minutes, it never went away. Looked around the room to see what was making the noise and it is the DVR box. Obviously, there is something wrong with it, and being Sunday, I can't even take it back to a store anywhere.

This is the most annoying noise I've ever heard and the only way to get it to stop I've noticed is to unplug the box. Surely, this can't be indicative of what's to come with Verizon's equipment. I was a cable customer for YEARS and only had 1 issue with a box, and that was 3 years down the line. Yeah, if I had earplugs in the house, I would have used them, however, I don't plan for electronic devices making these kinds of noises. Noise like a screeching hard drive, fan or motor.

You can even hearing slowing to a stop when I unplug the box. If tech support isn't open today, does anyone know if I can walk the box into a Verizon store on my lunch hour? I'm really not able to sit on the phone during the day. The customer service representative I spoke to told me the only way to fix it was to swap out the boxes, which means staying home from work during the week because exchanging the box at a store was not an option in my area.

Needless to say, I was not happy, but i was even more unhappy with the noise. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

directv box makes noise when off

Did you mean:. Noise coming from the DVR. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Posts: 4.